Special Programs

Before & After School Care


Before School Care: 7am – 8:45am

After School Care: 3:15pm – 6pm

Contact us: (03) 8595 3022 or 0466 047 908

or admin@elysiumoshc.com.au

Camp Program

Baxter Primary School’s Camp Program is truly unique. It provides opportunities for students to develop positive relationships whilst participating in a range of safe, developmentally appropriate activities. The children’s first experience of camping occurs in Year 3 and continues through to Year 6. 

 Our School Camp Program is very well resourced and fully self-sufficient. We rely on members of the school community to assist with the setting up and staffing of the camps and therefore, costs are kept to a minimum.

The Program aims to:

  • Challenge children
  • Promote resilience, initiative, self-reliance and responsibility
  • Encourage relationship building, problem solving, respect and teamwork
  • Endorse healthy lifestyle choices

‘Bounce into Baxter’ Foundation Transition Program

At Baxter Primary School, we understand the importance of preparing students for change. We offer an extensive transition program to help ensure students know what to expect as they transition from Kindergarten to school. Students will have the opportunity to meet teachers, peers and older buddies prior to commencing school. In addition to classroom activities, children will gain an insight into a variety of Baxter Primary programs including Art, STEAM and Physical Education.

 2024 Foundation transition dates (for 2025 Enrolment)

Term 2 2023

Term 3 2023

Term 4 2023

Please contact the school on 5971 1391 for further information.

Senior Transition Program

The transition process has begun in earnest for the Year 6 students. In fact, it has been going on for quite some time now. Neighbouring Secondary Schools regularly liaise with us to make the whole process as easy as possible. Schools will regularly visit Baxter Primary School to outline what they have to offer and will often bring past students back to talk about their experiences. At other times our students are invited to immerse themselves in Secondary School life for a day or attend whole school concerts and productions.

In most cases children will attend their neighbourhood school and are guaranteed a place there. Applications to schools will be sent home with students as soon as they are published by the Department. Although Year 7 placements will be determined by secondary schools, all communication regarding the transition process must be in writing and lodged through Baxter Primary School until the Year 7 placement is confirmed. Notification of your child’s Year 7 placement, for the following year, will be confirmed in August.

The Department of Education and Training (the Department) website contains comprehensive information on the transition from Year 6 to Year 7.

For information for parents, please see: education.vic.gov.au/school/parents/secondary/Pages/starting.aspx

For information for students, please see:


As part of the transition process students will participate in an orientation day. All government schools hold this orientation day on the same day – usually the second Tuesday of December. At the orientation day, your child will:

  • tour the school
  • meet teachers and ask questions
  • find out about the dress code
  • learn what they will be doing in their first year
  • meet other students