Year 6

In the senior school our goal is to develop independent, empathetic and resilient learners who strive to reach their highest potential, in a caring and stimulating environment. Students are supported to engage with their own learning through the use of explicit teaching, inquiry tasks, collaboration and cooperation with peers.

We have an increasing emphasis on developing students’ digital literacy by utilising technology as a learning tool in daily tasks, setting them up for success as a 21st century learner. We foster our senior students personal responsibility, both in and out of the classroom, and they are encouraged and supported to strive for personal best through our inclusive and differentiated learning program. 

In addition to a rigorous classroom teaching and learning program, during year 5/6 students at Baxter Primary School will….

  • Be supported to develop leadership skills through our student leadership program. 
  • Participate in, and help to facilitate, Interschool sport.
  • Implement a student led buddy program. 
  • Participate in a comprehensive camping program. 
  • Have access to their own school device.
  • Facilitate student led lunchtime and extra-curricular clubs. 
  • Work in our vast and adaptable learning space, the senior BER building.
  • Gain increased responsibility in whole school events such as book week, production and graduation.
  • Participate in dedicated transition programs with our local high schools.