Year 6

This term we have a lot of exciting new topics and people in our class. Ms Warner will be filling in for Mr Baxter while he is out of the class for the term. For the first three weeks we will be welcoming back Mr Wilson our awesome student teacher. He has planned a variety of fun and engaging lessons in the topics of Numeracy, Literacy and Integrated Studies/History. We still have some friendly familiar faces in our class with Ms Paulding lending support and encouragement, wherever needed.

In Numeracy, the children will be focusing on money and practical maths. Providing them with those necessary life skills for budgeting and everyday maths situations. We will also continue with the online program Essential Assessments where it will be utilised for assessment purposes and pre activities to support class lessons.

As with last term much of the Literacy work will centre on VCOP and the Big Write. The genres covered this term will be; persuasive, narrative, recount and procedural texts. We will be setting the topics for our Big Write to flow in with our History theme of Colonial Australia. As usual the children will continue to read texts within their Lexile level and undertake quizzes accordingly.

For History we hope to take our class back in time to Colonial Australia where they will have the opportunity to experience Australia in the era of 1788 – 1901. The objective will be for our class to grasp the concept of Legacy and how our country was shaped by the actions of our past ancestors.

Our Art, P.E. and Music programs will be run by our specialist’s teachers as usual.