Year 5

Colonial Australian history and economics are the central themes of term 3 in the senior school. In history we will be looking at significant people and events from the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788 up until the Australia’s Federation in 1901. Investigations will focus on the legacies left by these events and people and how they have impacted upon how we live today. Students will also discuss similarities and differences between how Australian’s lived then compared to now.

Students will continue to participate in the Lexile reading program. The focus of class reading will be using historical documents, such as diary entries and proclamations, to build an understanding of opinions and beliefs of people from the time. We will also explore the differences in language and interpretations of events comparing experience with hindsight.

Mathematics will be based on concepts of money. Through gameplay and project work students will investigate budgeting and economic concepts such as needs and wants, supply and demand, profit and expenses and revenue. They will use place value, calculation and problem solving skills in practical activities. These activities include creating a party catering business.

VCOP will continue to be the core of our writing program, developing skills to enhance writing ability. This term the topics will be based around our history theme adapted to fit the genre being promoted through the school.

Some other events that our students have the opportunity to participate include representing the school in athletics, book month celebrations, Hooptime basketball, Mt Erin’s production of High School Musical and the State Schools Spectacular.