Year 4

Grade 4 is a year of consolidation for students at Baxter Primary School. Their second year of Middle School sees the students being given the opportunity to have lead roles in the Middle School production, a mentor role in the school camping program, participation in the Kinnect2Dance program, work with their Prep buddies and be Middle School sport leaders. Students are also building a Growth Mindset and setting personal learning goals, tracking their own learning improvement.

What’s Happening In Term 3:

This term the Grade 4 children are working hard as we rehearse for our August performance of Cinderella Rockerfella. Students are excited to have taken on lead roles, learn lines, create costumes and are ready to sing solo and in unison, with the grade 3 students making up the chorus.

In writing, the students are continuing to develop their ability to write a variety of genres including Narrative, Persuasive and Report texts. They are expanding their use of similes, metaphors, interesting vocabulary and descriptive phrases. We use CAFÉ Reading to revise and extend our reading strategies. Our Daily 5 reading sessions focus on the student’s individual needs delivering differentiated instruction in reading, writing and spelling. Students have the opportunity to work in pairs, small groups and individually.

In maths, the grade 4 students are focusing on factors, estimating and measuring time, location and mapping, number patterns, practical application of skills to solve problems and further consolidation of the four processes.

Camp is approaching in early term 4 and students will be preparing to work in groups, organise belongings and involve themselves in the scientific investigation of coastal creatures.