Year 3

Term 3 is production time for all students in the Middle School at Baxter Primary School. We are all madly practicing our lines, songs and dances for this year’s performance of Cinderella Rockerfella. We will be presenting three performances this year. One to all our kinder friends in the area, one for our school friends and the most important one of all for our parents and family members.

As part of our VCOP writing program we will be focusing on the Narrative, Persuasive, Recount and Procedural genres this term. The learning focus for grade 3 will be extending our use of punctuation and adding more detail and interest to our writing with the use of adjectives, adverbs and descriptive phrases. Our student’s individual needs will be catered for with our Daily 5 reading sessions, which focus on delivering differentiated instructions in reading, writing and spelling.

In maths the grade 3 students are focusing on the four processes with carrying and borrowing, telling time to the nearest 5 minutes, reading and interpreting simple grid maps, symmetry and the relationship between division and fractions.

In preparation for our camp in term 4 the grade 3 students will be focusing on developing the student’s positive relationships and connections later in the term. We will be learning about the importance of valuing differences in individuals and groups and discussing the causes of conflicts commonly experienced and options to reduce the possibility of them occurring and how to resolve any conflicts.