Year 1

In Year 1 we strive to give each student the opportunity to develop to their highest potential in a caring and stimulating environment. The students are enthusiastic and are engaged in their learning through the use of hands-on tasks, technology and co-operation with peers. Each student is accountable for their learning as they create and achieve their very own learning goals. The sense of positivity is filled in the classroom with an abundance of positive reinforcement and a friendly atmosphere.

Every child is welcome with open arms, has a voice and is heard, and is positive about their learning.

Highlights in Term 2:


  • VCOP: Focus on the Narrative, Recount and Procedure styles of writing
  • Handwriting: Victorian modern cursive
  • Phonics: Soundwaves unit
  • Spelling
  • Reading groups


  • Michael Wymer based activities
  • Term 2 focused areas of mathematics are Addition, Time, Subtraction, Chance, Length and Location.

Integrated Studies

  • STEM unit – Build it! Focused on building structures with a purpose.


  • Our Term 2 focus on Earth and space sciences
  • Observable changes occur in the sky and landscape; daily and seasonal changes affect everyday life
  • Earth’s resources are used in a variety of ways